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 I could not believe in less than an hour I got approval for the perfect house that met all our needs. They ran my credit and approved the lease faster then I could have imagined you guys are the best!!!

Marissa Sanders, Los Angeles, CA

Our business is  driven by referals. 100% risk free.

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  3. Receive approval, review our commitment to you pay small start up fee and balance when you get approval for your lease..
  4. Get ready to be approved for the home/apartment of your choice.

About Us

Over 6 years putting smiles in the faces of our growing clients all over United States, we are proud to provide you quality service with integrity.

So many of our clients have been scammed before by criminals on Craigslist, Back pages who took their money and never delivered. We are a company founded on Trust, Business Integrity and Wealth creation for all.

We are affiliated with various bank underwriters, Venture Capitals, Vendors, and good contacts with the back office of all the major credit bureaus. We handle every client’s request the same with no discrimination.

We are smart hard-working team working out of an office to help you with your apartment and home leasing needs. 

Our prices are very decent compared to our competitors out there. Above all, we operate on a fair and open terms with every one.


We understand the challange bad credit can have on getting a rental. 
We are ready to help, risk free.

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